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With winter comes a fall in temperatures and often a fall in motivation to get out and ride. But with the warmth of the Prime Digi Bib Tights, you’ll enjoy extra impetus to get on your bike and build those winter miles. Insulation from the cold and superb flexible comfort is all thanks to the Super Roubaix brushed back fabric deployed over the legs. The fleecy surface inside creates a warm insulating barrier against falling temperatures and offers a luxurious feel against the skin. However, warmth isn’t the only thing to keep you warm in winter. Moisture management is also key. When you hit a tough climb or push the speed, you’ll build up a bit of sweat even in the cold. Which can lead to a quick chill. But here the breathable mesh bibs ensure moisture doesn’t hang around and cause discomfort and shivers. It also allows you to easily tailor your warmth via your base layer choice – perhaps a light mesh vest on cool days, heavyweight merino on deep winter days. Ale Men’s 4HF seat pad Inside the tights, you’ll find Ale’s men’s-specific 4HF seat pad, offering luxurious comfort for all your long or short bike rides. It’s constructed from elastic micro-fibre with padding strategically positioned in the contact points and features a central relief channel to avoid stress on nerve endings. For the best comfort and support high-density, 8mm deep 90 kg/cm2 padding is used where it’s most needed in the ischiadic and perineal zones. This pad gives the very best combination of comfort, wicking, breathability and is also incredibly fast drying to ensure the utmost comfort on the saddle.

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