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The Goodyear Newton MTR (Mountain Rear) is part of Goodyear s ultimate tyre package developed for gravity riding & racing. A tyre that is at its best bringing up the rear while sprinting out the start hut of your race run, as you attack those loose off camber sections, hold the line on rocky chutes and pinballing down rock sections.Construction: 1x60TPI A single-ply, 60TPI casing construction combines exceptional ride quality with outstanding durabilityCompound: Trail2 Our trail specific dual 50/60a compound specifically formulated to balance grip, wear and efficiencyProtection: Armor Bead to bead cut and puncture protection casing layerThe tyre, that small contact patch that connects you to the ground, is arguably the most important part of your bike. When you re in the start hut, about to drop into your race run you need to know that this essential component is designed specifically with the job in mind. What better choice than the tyre named after the man who defined the very laws of gravity. Drive focused tread delivers speed and durability with tracking performance that inspires confidence transitioning from straight-line to cornering across a wide range of conditions.

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